ICoin Technology

A Crypto Wallet

Cold Storage Made Easy
Touchscreen & Camera

Capacitive touch color display (3″) & 13 mp. rear facing camera.  View accounts, sign transactions, and more.

No WiFi, no cellular antenna, no SD card slot, no microphone, no front facing camera.

Enabled Bluetooth optional.

Encrypted Storage

Private Keys are encrypted in memory.

iCoin uses hardened derivation paths for Private Key creation.

iCoin Mobile App

Your iCoin Wallet’s gateway to Blockchain Networks.

iCoin Mobile App available on Apple’s App Store (iOS) & Google Playstore (Android)

Wallet Updates

Should you ever need to update your Hardware Wallet software, iCoin’s technique retains Private Key safety.

Air Gap

iCoin’s Wallet uses a rear facing camera to import Blockchain data required to construct a transaction. Your iCoin Wallet never connects to a Network.

Seed Based Recovery

BIP HD compatible.  Wipe your iCoin Wallet, restore it in seconds.

The iCoin System

Crypto Hardware Wallet & Peripheral Devices
Secure Printer

Print your Seed Phrase QR, Addresses,
transaction receipts, Private Keys, and more

NFT Cold Storage

Stores ERC compatible NFT’s

ERC & ETC Compatible Addresses

Create an ERC or ETC token address for cold storage

Full Nodes

iCoin hosts full Nodes

Cryptographically Secure Random Entropy